The hurba team consists exclusively of urban psychologists driven by their code of ethics

An experienced field team to ensure quality support, effective methodologies, adapted solutions and success of your urban projects.


The Hurba team analyses the man interacting with his immediate environment in all its dimensions (emotional, cognitive, behavioural) in order to implement the most appropriate solutions for the individual, but also for the community to which he belongs.


Passionate about human contacts, the Hurba team is at your disposal to analyse the practices and understand the quality of life desired by the inhabitants of your neighbourhoods for an everyday life always more pleasant and cities always more attractive.


We are guided in our interventions
by 4 great convictions:


Start from the user to build a shared and sustainable requalification of his living and/or work environment


Approach the city, workplaces, collective housing, as a place of exchange and living together.


Address the evolution of these places with tolerance and openness.


Defend the notion of open spaces, vectors of exchange and social bond.


Experts exclusively dedicated to listening to the inhabitants

Barbara ATTIA


Founder and Chairwoman of the Hurba practice. Social and training work psychologist, specialised in steering multidisciplinary projects, setting up comprehensive policies to promote the quality of urban life and improve the quality of life.



Senior consultant for the Hurba practice. Social, labour and training organisations psychologist, specialised in advising and supporting public and private decision-makers, humanely supporting change, mediation and carrying out qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of urban stressors in order to implement action plans.



Senior consultant for the Hurba practice. Trained clinical psychologist, specialised in psychological health, studies of human impacts in urban areas, managing and leading projects of urban life quality development: setting up of diagnosis and supporting the operational phase.


Chosen for their story, journey and sensitivity.

The choice of our experts results, for each of them, from an intuitu personae relationship:

  • a professional career marked by humanism.
  • a thirst for listening to any evolution of practices.
  • a human culture, an urban culture, guaranteeing the success of projects.


In this respect, their involvement with project leaders (planners, landlords, developers, etc.), like elected officials, is essential.


Our experts present 3 different fields of expertise:

  • urbanist (programming, economic balances, urban scales, etc.)
  • legal expert (regulation, procedures, etc.)
  • historian


Preventing psychosocial risks and promoting the quality of working life

The team Hurba has general skills in primary (identify, assess, prevent risk and stress situations before they occur), secondary (reduce the impact of stress and managing risks) as well as tertiary prevention (mitigating the impact of an event that has lasting effects in order to improve as much as possible their ability to work and their quality of life) and Hurba keeps putting these skills at the service of companies in France on simple request.